Maritime and Aeronautical Law

Asesoría Legal en Derecho Marítimo y Aeronáutico | Motta, Yaafar Díaz

Maritime Law

At Motta, Yaafar & Diaz, we understand the importance of Maritime Law in Panama, as it is one of the most prominent maritime sectors in the world. Our specialized Maritime Law attorneys are here to provide you with the legal advice needed to navigate successfully in this prestigious maritime environment.

Any shipowner, whether a natural person or legal entity, regardless of nationality or domicile, can register their vessels under the Panamanian flag.

Aeronautical Law

In Panama, Aeronautical Law is a crucial legal field due to the constant growth of the aviation industry. We have a trained team to provide specialized services to our clients related to the aviation industry, assisting in the development of their operations in Panama and in any commercial and corporate matters related to it.

Practice Areas

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Asesoría Legal en Derecho Marítimo y Aeronáutico | Motta, Yaafar Díaz

  • We assist shipowners and vessel owners in registering their ships under the Panamanian flag, taking advantage of the tax benefits and advantages it offers. In Panama, vessels can be registered for either Domestic or International Service, and this can be done either in an individual capacity or through a corporation.
  • This service is also offered for the registration of ships and yachts in other jurisdictions, such as Belize, the Bahamas, Liberia, the Marshall Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and Cyprus.
  • Purchase and sale of ships and yachts at both the national and international levels.
  • Navigation Patents
  • Radio Licenses
  • Captain's Licenses

If you are involved in the maritime sector in Panama and require legal advice on Maritime Law matters, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide you with the legal representation and specialized advice you need.

Asesoría Legal en Derecho Marítimo y Aeronáutico | Motta, Yaafar Díaz

  1. Aircraft Registration and Operation:
    We assist aircraft owners and operators in the registration and operation of aircraft in compliance with Panamanian and international regulations.
  2. Aircraft Acquisition and Sale:
    We facilitate the acquisition and sale of aircraft, ensuring that all transactions comply with local and international aeronautical regulations.
  3. Aeronautical Contracts and Agreements:
    We draft and review contracts and agreements related to the aviation industry, including aircraft leasing agreements and aviation services contracts.

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